Shrimp Cocktail 

6 peeled shrimp served with cocktail sauce.

 Coctel de Camaron 

Fresh boiled and peeled shrimp in lime juice with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, and cocktail sauce.

 Crab Cakes 

Served with a chipotle-lime aioli

 Shrimp Rockefeller 

Topped with bacon, spinach, and Colby Jack

 Fish Ceviche 

 Fish & Shrimp Ceviche 

 Fish-Shrimp-Crabmeat Ceviche 

 Shrimp-Stuffed Mushrooms 

 Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms 

 Sautéed Crab Claws 

 Spinach Artichoke Crabmeat Dip 

 Fried Calamari 

 Tuna Agua Chile 

Tuna quickly marinated in chile-lime sauce with cilantro, diced avocado, and thinly-sliced onions.

 Sautéed Snow Crab Claws 


Bacon, shallots, mussels, olive oil, red bell
pepper, mushrooms, white wine, and



    1/2 doz dozen
 Tony's Oysters  

Grilled in pesto.

 Oysters Rockefeller  

Topped with ham, sliced tomato, spinach, and swiss cheese.

 Agua Chile Oysters  

Topped with cilantro/red onion/lime sauce.

 Mike's Blackened Oysters  

Served on soft croutons with white wine butter.

 Gulf Coast Oysters  

(When in season)

 Ming Oysters  

Raw oysters marinated in soy-teriyaki Vietnamese sauce with shallots.

 Grilled Combo  

A total of 6 different grilled oysters, including Tony's Oysters, Oysters Rockefeller, and Mike's Blackened Oysters.

 Raw Combo  

A total of 12 different raw oysters, including Agua Chile Oysters, Ming Oysters, and Gulf Coast Oysters.


Surf & Turf

 Bone-in Ribeye 

 Filet Mignon 8 oz. 

 Boneless Ribeye 16 oz. 

 Rosemary-Lemon Grilled Chicken Breast 


 Prime Rib 14 oz. 

 Tuna Steak  

Served with wild rice and grilled asparagus.

 Lobster Tail 

 New York Strip 14 oz. 


All steaks are served with a loaded baked potato and grilled asparagus.


 Liam's Mediterranean Salad 

Indulge in a fresh salad made tableside with red wine olives, capers, red and green onions, green bell peppers, feta cheese, boiled shrimp, lemon juice, cucumbers, tomatoes, and spring mix greens, topped with a zesty Greek dressing.

Add any fish for $5.00.

Medium: $20

Large: $35

 Shrimp Salad 

Spring Mix

 Caesar Dinner Salad 

 Cobb Salad 

Cucumber, red onion, avocado, boiled eggs, bacon, bleu cheese, and your choice of filet, chicken, or shrimp.

 Spring Mix Dinner Salad 

 Caesar Salads 

Rosemary Chicken

Pete's Blackened Tuna Steak

Blackened Shrimp

 Caprese Salad 


Selection of Dressings:

Ranch ~ Bleu Cheese ~ Thousand Island
Italian ~ French ~ Honey Dijon ~ Jalapeno Ranch
House Dressing: Gregorio


 Tuna Red Pepper Pasta 

Flaky yellow fin tuna with sun-dried tomatoes, red bell peppers, fresh garlic, shallots, sliced mushrooms, and fettuccine pasta.

 Seafood Primavera 

Crab, shrimp clams, mussels, red bell peppers, garlic, shallots, sliced mushrooms, and fettuccine alfredo pasta.

 Shrimp Pesto 

Basil sauce, nuts, parmesan & feta cheese, and spinach.

 Rosemary-Lemon Grilled Chicken Breast 

With tomatoes, spinach, and fettuccine.

 Blackened Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo  

 Blackened Shrimp Marinara 

With angel hair pasta.

 Roma Pasta  

Blackened shrimp, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and fettuccine pasta.



 Red Snapper Rockefeller 

A fresh Gulf snapper fillet blackened, topped with spinach, bacon, and shrimp in a 3-cheese cream sauce.

 Stuffed Flounder 

A whole flounder butterflied, de-boned, and stuffed with a seafood stuffing. Topped with crab & mushrooms in a cream sauce.

 Mussette Snapper 

Stuffed snapper topped with crab, mushrooms, and a 3-cheese cream sauce.

 King Crab 

MKT price. Oven-baked with garlic, shallots, and a white wine butter sauce.

 Flounder Veracruz 

Blackened flounder topped with grilled bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic.

 Flounder South Bay 

Blackened flounder topped with shrimp in a brown butter wine sauce.

 Whole Red Snapper or Flounder 


Red snapper or flounder cooked how you like it: blackened, fried, or oven-baked.

 Shrimp Scampi 

 Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp 

Six large bourbon-glazed shrimp stuffed with Swiss cheese and serrano pepper, then wrapped in bacon.

 Mahi Mahi Ixtapa 

Mahi topped with shrimp, mild pico de gallo, and fresh avocado in a lime-garlic butter sauce.

 Flounder Almondy 

Almond crusted pan broiled flounder fillet topped with sauteed crab in a 3-cheese cream sauce.

 Bourbon-Glazed Salmon 

Grilled salmon with 3 bacon-wrapped shrimp with a bourbon glaze.

 Layla Bell 

Chargrilled salmon served on a bed of sautéed spinach with Sambuca, topped with roasted corn, tomatoes, and onions in a basil vinaigrette.

 Cedar Plank Salmon 

Our freshest salmon smoked to perfection on a cedar plank, topped with a roasted lemon beurre blanc sauce.


All dishes served with wild rice and broccoli.

Burgers & Sandwiches

 Prime Rib Sandwich 

Roasted prime rib with a slice of horseradish chive white cheddar cheese. Served with steak fries.

 Liam's Burger 

A half pound patty with mayonnaise, lettuce, pickles, onions, and tomatoes on a buttered croissant. Served with steak fries.



 Lobster Bisque 




Clams, mussels, fish, shrimp, calamari, scallops, and snapper throat in a spicy broth.



 Tuscan Soup 

Rustic potato soup with small spicy meatballs and green kale.






Baked Potato ~ Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Onion Rings ~ Asparagus ~ Wild Rice
Chipotle Corn on the Cob ~ Steak Fries
Broccoli & Cheese

Fried Seafood

    Medium Large
 Fried Shrimp  

 Fried Fish  


 Oysters & Shrimp  

 Oysters & Fish  


Served with steak fries

For Kids

 Chicken Strips 

Your option of grilled, fried, or blackened with french fries or broccoli & cheese.


Your option of grilled, fried, or blackened with french fries or broccoli & cheese.


Your option of grilled, fried, or blackened with french fries or broccoli & cheese.

 Spaghetti & Meatballs 



 Crème Brûlée 

 Coconut Cream PIe 

 Chocolate Cake 

With Italian topping.

 Liam's Cheesecake 

With strawberry topping.

 Key Lime Pie